Its Misinformation,Lalong govt can’t divert palliatives —–Hon Samuel Kasuwa. 


ts Misinformation,Lalong govt can’t divert palliatives —–Hon Samuel Kasuwa.

By,giwa alex,Jos
The insinuation that governor Lalong is behind the hoarding of Covid-19 Palliatives met to be given to the indigents and vulnerable is misinformation as he vagued for the governor’s innocent.
A Youth who doubled as a Politician ,Hon Samuel Kasuwa has disclosed this in an interview with journalist in Jos, plateau State capital.

He said that Governor Simon Bako Lalong had no intention to divert palliatives met for the citizens of the state but pledged that we are vanguard of change in the society so we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be misled .

He commended the federal and state government distribution for palliatives to ease the covid-19 pandemic across the 36 states but charge protesters to exercise constraint and allow government to constitute committee to share to Nigerian.
Hon. Samuel Kasuwa condemned in its in totality the manner some miscreants hijacked the peaceful protest by turning it into looting expedition and attacking personalities in the name of wild #Endsars protest.
He pleaded with the Nigerian youths to shun all social vices capable of destroying the unity of Nigeria sovereignty ,we must put aside our differences in religious and ethnic affiliation to led this great country to the promise land no matter what is bedeviling us.
Kasuwa called on citizens of Plateau state to uphold the spirit of tolerance forgiveness to ensure that we all strengthen the bound of unity at all level of development .
He maintained that what happened to Nigeria within the weeks under review we pray God Almighty to stop the act of brutality and looting of private owners properties in the name of protest .
Kasuwa noted that as a youth,I’m calling on all the protesters to remain calm and to see that Mr President also condemn the brutality of SARS by dissolving them immediately .
However, in Plateau state ,Hon Kasuwa applauded Governor Simon Lalong for quick action taken in addressing the protesters by preventing them from spreading across the state but reducef to two LGs .
He appealed to all the traditional rulers across the 17 LGAs of the state to caution their youths and make sure the outbreak of lawlessness is avoided without rancor .
According to him , we appeal to religious leaders in the state to return back to God and pray for the restoration of the land ,we are member of one family and we belong to one Nigeria so let stop deceiving ourselves going to destroy our symbol of love and unity .
Samuel lamented that we should imbibe the culture of togetherness ,we would return back to our creator one day so there is no need for us to fight and destroy what God has endowed us with .
He further add that Nigerian youths should stop wild goose chase of white cola jobs they should engage themselves in meaningful business to manage their family because of the situation .
He stressed that violence attacks on innocent Nigerian to vandalised and intimidate them and pack their goods isn’t the solution to the present crises which can’t solve our unemployment challenges facing us ,he added.
Kasuwa stressed that,”I’m not speaking for the government or their actions, but stress that they have to set up committee to enable them distribute the palliatives to the vulnerable communities but with this act few people are the beneficiaries of the gesture through dubious and unconditional means “.
He pointed out that whatever we enjoy today,we should understand that another day we would suffer same Faith because the manner covid-19 wreck havoc across the globe ,we should remain calm and be our brothers keeper .
He added that Nigeria belongs to all of us so we should build indelible mark of confidence .